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Ewing Bros. conducts an unclaimed vehicle auction on each Saturday. We begin promptly at 10:00 AM and are usually finished before noon. These auctions are held at 1300 A Street, Las Vegas NV, 89106.

Vehicle Previews

Vehicles scheduled for our Saturday auctions may be viewed from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the Friday prior to the auction, or from 8:00 AM the day of the auction until we begin the sale at 10:00 AM.

Registration Process

Anyone eighteen years of age or older may register to bid on a vehicle. A refundable one hundred dollar deposit is required to register for the auction and obtain a numbered bidder card. Any registered bidder who does not purchase a vehicle may return to the office at any time during the auction for a full refund of their bidder registration deposit. You may pre-register the day before the next scheduled auction or register on the morning of the auction. If you are the highest bidder on a vehicle, your one hundred dollar registration deposit will be applied toward the purchase of that vehicle. If you do not register you cannot bid on a vehicle.


Starting with vehicle number one, the auctioneer will announce the vehicle number along with the make, model, and year of manufacture. The starting price is based on a number of factors such as vehicle mileage, age, and overall condition. We'll start or attempt to start the vehicle's engine and the bidding will begin when the auctioneer announces a starting price on the vehicle. To bid on a vehicle, raise your bidder number high, wave, or otherwise gesture or speak to the auctioneer. The bids will move progressively higher until no one wants to bid the current vehicle price higher. The auctioneer will announce the highest bid price and say, "Going once, twice, SOLD!" Congratulations, you've just purchased a vehicle.

The bidding process can go very quickly or it may seem slow. It can seem a little confusing at first, but don't feel intimidated as it's really a very simple process. After you've watched a few vehicles being auctioned you'll quickly understand just how easy this really is. If you have any questions or concerns about the bidding process, please ask a Ewing Bros. employee prior to the start of the auction.

After being awarded the bid on a vehicle, you should immediately show the auctioneer your registration number and come to the auction cart. The assistant driving the cart will write down your bid amount and your registration number on a small ticket that contains the vehicle information. You must present this ticket to the lien sale clerk when you go inside the office to pay for the vehicle. The ticket is very important as it contains the information the clerk needs to complete your transaction.

Vehicle Payment

After you're awarded the winning bid on a vehicle, please go directly to the office and pay for your purchase in full or place a ten percent (10%) deposit. You're not required to wait until the entire auction is over to pay for your vehicle or to request a deposit refund if you didn't buy a vehicle. We encourage buyers to return to the registration office to complete the vehicle sale transaction as soon as possible to avoid the large crowd at the completion of the auction.

The auctioneer can't give you the exact purchase price, so please go to the office and present your vehicle ticket to the clerk. You'll be given the total amount which includes the Nevada title fee and sales tax on your vehicle purchase. We accept cash and some major credit cards as payment. A minimum deposit of ten percent (10%) of the total purchase price must be paid the day of the auction to avoid forfeiting your $100 registration deposit. Any bidder who does not pay for their vehicle will lose their $100 registration deposit.

Picking Up Your Vehicle After the Purchase

No keys will be given out and no vehicles may be removed from the auction area until the auction has ended. After you've paid for your vehicle in full, we'll give you the documents necessary to register your vehicle with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, (unless otherwise noted). At Ewing Bros. we don't charge extra for vehicle keys. If they're available, we'll give them to you after the auction is over and we receive payment in full.

An original Nevada title will be mailed to you in your name from Carson City DMV directly to your address. Please make certain the mailing information you provide us is correct. The typical length of time it takes for the state of Nevada DMV to process and mail your vehicle title from Carson City ranges from four to eight weeks from the date of the auction, but these times may vary. If required, we'll assist you with a jump start or help arrange for one of our tow trucks to transport your new purchase.

The auction yard will remain open for one hour after the end of the auction for any vehicles that will be picked up on Saturday. After that, the gates will be locked and the remaining vehicles must be paid for in full and removed from our property between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the Monday following the auction. Holidays observed on a Monday are excluded and you'll have until 4:00 PM on Tuesday to pay for and remove your vehicle. No repairs or refueling vehicles is allowed on Ewing Bros. property.

Please note that all vehicles are sold as is where is and all sales are final. Ewing Bros. offers no warranty, expressed or implied.

No refunds. No exchanges. No credits.

Thank You For Choosing Us!

We know you have choices when you purchase a used vehicle and we appreciate your business! Come join us and discover what literally thousands of people already know…our auctions are a fun and exciting way to buy a vehicle for pennies on the dollar.

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